KSBL Hosted a Meet with International Vlogger Alyne Tamir

KSBL and Karachi Vynz organized a meet to welcome the international vlogger and social media sensation Alyne Tamir, on 6th October, 2019.

The renowned vlogger, Alyne is famous amongst masses around the world for captivating views in her travelogues and insightful topics of discussions, on her channel Dear Alyne. With millions of followers on her social media channels, she has influenced masses from across the globe. Moreover she has also been a part of multiple one-minute Nas Daily videos, another popular vlog. This year for the first time ever, the jetsetter planned her first ever trip to Pakistan, her first stop being Karachi, at KSBL.

Apart from pursuing her passion for wanderlust, Alyne is also famous for her online Girls Gone Global initiative to connect women from all around the world. At KSBL, Alyne conducted her meet up in two slots. The first part of her session was on Girls Gone Global that was specifically for women. It was an intense heart-to-heart discussion with women, in which she interacted with female participants for an overview regarding cultural and traditional values set for women in Pakistan. Alyne was really impressed to find out that how over years country’s culture has diversified, and through education lives of women in Pakistan are rapidly transitioning towards betterment.

After the women’s meet, there was another subsequent session by Karachi Vynz, in which Alyne interacted with all her fans and followers. This session was divided into three steps. In the first step participants individually introduced themselves. Later there was an interactive Q&A session, in which she talked about mental health and shared her personal and professional life experiences. The session concluded with exchange of multiple creative ideas on vlogging and blogging. The audience also suggested various success stories of unsung heroes of Pakistan from underprivileged backgrounds, who are making significant difference in the society; whom she can feature in her vlogs and portray positive image of Pakistan internationally.

The admirers from the audience gifted her with aesthetic sketches and cultural items that reflected the aura of Pakistani culture. The cultural items involved ajrak, intricately designed coat with mirrors tucked on it, and many other endearing presents.

The event was attended by renowned vloggers and bloggers from Pakistan’s blogging fraternity and offered an incredible networking opportunity to all the participants.

At the end of the session, KSBL Management and the Alumni Council presented Alyne and Karachi Vynz with souvenirs, to cherish the moments of her first ever meet up in Pakistan.

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