KSBL hosts the British Council Career Counselors’ Symposium 2015.

Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL) hosted the 5th British Council Career Counsellors’ Symposium on May 21, 2015. The symposium was attended by Career Advisors, Student Counsellors, Educational Leaders, Managers, Consultants and Teachers from various Institutions.

The event commenced with Dr. Rehan Malik, Assistant Professor KSBL, introducing the audience to the institution, while talking about the importance of instilling an entrepreneurial ethos and cultivating leadership skills amongst Pakistani students.

Robin Davies, Area Director Sindh & Balochistan at The British Council, appreciated KSBL’s efforts in disseminating quality education at par with global standards. He further emphasised on the important role educational institutions play in developing the potential of students and guiding them in making the right choices for acquiring higher education.

CEO, Aspire Consulting, Azra Raza in her presentation, talked about the importance of Educational Marketing and the effectiveness of various advertising mediums for reaching-out to prospective students. She further emphasized on the accuracy of information dissemination through social media.

Other speakers including Fahd Ali Asif, Senior International Officer, International Operations – University of Dundee, Saad Wasim, University of London International Progamme and Muhammad Touseef-ur-Rahman, British Council, spoke about the various facets of the foreign education systems, including quality of faculty, students exchange programmes, etc.

Rahila Narejo in her inspirational speech talked about the importance of discovering oneself while choosing a career. She stressed on understanding and listening to the inner voice for unearthing true potentials.

This one day event provided a great opportunity to the participants for professional development, through interactive sharing of information on counselling, career guidance and education.

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