KSBL- Introducing On-Campus Jobs

‘KSBL – Introducing on-campus jobs’, Acting Dean Dawood N. Ghaznavi’s interview with The News – Us magazine. Dean Ghaznavi was interviewed by Zehra Shigri of the Us magazine, published on 13 July, 2012. In his interview the Dean talks about the innovative on-campus employment programme announced by KSBL for its MBA students. This initiative will enable the MBA students to engage in active and collaborative learning, in addition to earning some money for themselves. Speaking about the on-campus employment programme, Dean Ghaznavi said, “We seek to introduce jobs on campus – a trend followed by most good universities across the world.” The idea is simple – to create meaningful and productive on-campus employment opportunities for students, so that their confidence level increases and they have the ability to earn money for themselves and stand on their own feet.

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