IMC Battle of the Brains Competition 2017

KSBL MBA students won the runner-up award in the Toyota Indus Motors ‘Battle of the Brains’ case-study competition held annually. With five participating teams from the three most distinguished business schools from Pakistan, KSBL gave up its winning streak to Team LUMS in a close competition.

KSBL winning team had students: Preya Ramchand, Zeeshan Arain, Hassan Maqbool & S M Hamza. KSBL Team II participants were: Suroor Hussain, Umer Aziz, Hamza Shahid and Maham Haseeb. Commendable collective effort!

The annual business strategy competition was held this year at the IBA campus on May 04, 2017. The theme was to propose a business model for the automobile enterprise to enter into the auto-finance & insurance industry. Team solutions were presented to a panel of judges in a ten-minute pitch followed by a rigorous questioning session.

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