KSBL Organized an Interactive Workshop for Business Executives of Renowned Organizations

An interactive three-day training program was held at KSBL on Financial Acumen for Non-Financial Executives (FANFE), for business executives of Searle Pakistan (Ltd), Comix Pakistan, Reon Energy (Ltd) & Habits Homestore. The sessions were conducted by Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean, KSBL) & Dr. Tariq Basheer (Associate Professor Accounting & Finance), in which they shared strategies with participants, to strengthen their financial competencies.

The workshop started off with Dr. Zeeshan giving brief overview on Financial Management to participants. He also shed light on importance of this training for professionals, especially for the ones who belong to non-financial background, for enhancement of their Investment and Finance decision making competencies. Furthermore he shared details on Assets, Liabilities, Equity and corporate context of Stock Pricing with participants. Capital budgeting and its impact on company’s profits and overall progress was also the part of topic’s elaboration.

While discussing the importance of Time and Value in Cash Flow management, Dr. Tariq Basheer (Associate Professor Finance & Accounting, KSBL) shared various examples conducive for participants. Moreover through mathematical calculations and various frameworks he explained them about quantification of money, in context of interest rate and discount rate.

The sessions concluded with distribution of certificates. The participants’ feedback was phenomenal.

Testimonials of Participants

Our participants expressed their views on contribution of this program in enhancing their Financial Acumen & Cash Management competencies

Mr. Athar Iqbal (Director HR, Searle Pakistan)
I believe the program has instilled up-to-date skills and knowledge in me, regarding cash flow management and improved my financial management competencies.
I am certain this program will give me a financial oversight in making strategic decisions of the company and efficiently maintaining my finances on both personal as well as the professional grounds.
Comix Pakistan

Sumerah Salamat (Founder – Comix Pakistan)
I have recently started off my own business venture. After various past experiences I realized Finance was one crucial area I was weak at. The first two days of this program have immensely helped me in understanding the numbers.
I am grateful to Dr. Zeeshan; it was through his way of delivering knowledge that I was able to comprehend numbers and various analytical frameworks on capital budgeting feasibly

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