KSBL Organized Blind Fold Exercise by Dr. Muhammad Athar Siddiqui

Experiential learning has been an integral part of KSBL’s leading-edge teaching methodology. Keeping up with the unique teaching methodology at #KSBL, Dr. Muhammad Athar Siddiqui (Associate Dean, KSBL) organized #BlindFoldExercise, to enable students understand perspectives of a trustor and the trustee, in an organizational context.

The activity was conducted in a courtyard where students where split into teams. The purpose behind it was to instill interpersonal communication skills and trustworthiness in a team setting, in students.

Later during the debriefing session, Dr. Siddiqui discussed with students about their learning of trust from that exercise and what key takeaways they took from it regarding interpersonal relations, with respect to situation-based scenarios at workplaces.

By the end of this exercise the response was incredibly positive and students were feeling more energized and upbeat.

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