KSBL Organized Eminent Speaker Series by Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman (Ex-Chairman HEC & Patron-in–Chief-International Center)

KSBL held Eminent Speaker Series, by the prestigious scientist and scholar Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman (Ex-Chairman HEC & Patron-in–Chief International Center). His session revolved around the topic Developing Knowledge Economy, in context to his success story. Dr. Rahman talked about latest developments in world of science, which is the core of the knowledge economy.

The honorable dignitaries Mr. Muneer Kamal (CEO, KEI) and Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean, KSBL) graced the event with their presence. Moreover the turnout of participants, from their respective professions and institutions, was noteworthy.

In his welcome address Mr. Muneer Kamal praised Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman for his accolades and highlighted the remarkable accomplishments of his career.

Speaking on the latest developments in the age of knowledge economy internationally, in China, Singapore, Korea and Austria, Dr. Rahman emphasized that in today’s era, in trade, technology is playing a critical role in the advancement of any nation’s economy. He further shared that socio-economic development of any nation is no longer entirely dependent on the natural resources.

In his enlightening session he also shed light on the disruptive innovations in Bio-Medical Engineering. From latest advancements of reversing the process of Ageing to 3D printing of Kidneys, to free patients from the excruciating procedure of dialysis, Dr. Rahman shared impeccable milestones of his career. He also shared about his breakthrough clinical trial, which he carried out to identify components against Epilepsy.

Commenting on advancements in Neuroscience he discussed different aspects of human brain and chemistry of thought on the basis of atoms and molecules. Moreover he also highlighted the significant developments in Artificial Intelligence and management of Big Data.

Addressing the youngsters, Dr. Rahman shared that they should always focus on adapting to the latest developments in technology and strive hard to strengthen existing economy of Pakistan, to make it more vibrant and diversified industrially.

The session concluded with an engaging Q&A session. Later Mr. Muneer Kamal and Dr. Zeeshan extended their gratitude to Dr. Rahman. Mr. Muneer Kamal presented him with a memento for conducting the session.

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