KSBL Organized Informative Workshop on Innovation & Design Thinking by Mr. Kamran Kiyani (Managing Director – GEM Learning Pvt. Ltd.)

KSBL held a workshop on Innovation & Design Thinking by renowned trainer Mr. Kamran Kiyani (Managing Director – GEM Learning Pvt. Ltd.). The three day workshop involved innovative training activities for participants to enhance their creativity level and with the help of design train their minds to solve real-life problems.

The session kicked off with a brief introduction on Design Thinking & its Methodology by Mr. Kiyani and its role in enhancing the productivity level of employees in an organization. While discussing the concept of innovation, Mr. Kiyani shared that innovation is the process of translating an idea or invention into a valuable service for which customers will pay later. Afterwards he carried out various problem solving exercises, brain storming sessions, activities on mind mapping, all designed to make participants more empathetic. He also explained them that these exercises will improve their decision making competencies in solving their constantly occurring problems in their professional as well as personal lives.

The aim of this workshop was to equip participants with in-depth creative knowledge of design thinking so that they can participate more efficiently in their capacity, in today’s world of disruption. Furthermore Mr. Kiyani also explained participants that the workshop will provide them with hands on experience, and will be conducive for them in improving their correspondence with prospective customers, suppliers, partners and business stake holders.

For better learning of participants he also made them create prototypes around their own unique ideas. The best selected ideas in this exercise were taken by investors who were invited to judge the activity. He also shed light on Concept Development, in light of different business models.

By the end of session the response of participants was overwhelmingly positive. KSBL looks forward to organize more such workshops with Mr. Kiyani in future as well.

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