KSBL Research Seminar “Consumption Patterns of Pakistan’s Urban Middle Class”

The Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL) has launched a research seminar series, a platform for active researchers (within-and-outside KSBL) to present and disseminate their research papers. The second research paper was presented by Dr. Jawaid A. Ghani, Professor of Strategy and Market Research, KSBL, on “Consumption Patterns of Pakistan’s Urban Middle Class” on January 9, 2014 at the KSBL campus.

The abstract of his research paper is as follows:

The seminar discusses the size and consumption patterns of the middle class in urban and rural Pakistan, and changes during the last decade (2002-2011). Using an absolute measure of middle class as households with daily per capita expenditures of $2-$10 (in 2005 purchase power parity US dollars), and utilizing micro data from various national household surveys (PSLM, HIESS), we find that the size of the middle class doubled during the last decade from 6.9 to 15 million households. During the same period the percentage of urban households owning cars grew from 5 to 8%, motorcycles from 13 to 33%, refrigerators from 35 to 60%, washing machines from 54 to 71%, and television sets from 57 to 81%. The seminar will discuss differences in household structures, sources of income and wealth profiles of various economic classes. Building on the notion of Engel curves, we propose a model to forecast household budgetary allocations based on economic class, demographics, and whether the expenditure category is “essential” or “positional”.

The seminar was highly instructive and provided the audience a comprehensive understanding of the researcher’s key findings.
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