KSBL Signs an MoU with School of Leadership (SOL) to Serve as DICE (Developing Inclusive & Creative Economies) Hub

KSBL is proud to serve as the DICE (Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies) Hub in Karachi. The DICE fellowship launched by the British Council in partnership with School of Leadership will provide opportunities for training, mentoring and networking for entrepreneurs, women enterprise leaders and individual organizations within the social and creative domains. The Hubs are created in all DICE cities to provide a lively community and event space for people coming from diverse business/entrepreneurial backgrounds.

Under the KSBL Center for Entrepreneurship, DICE Hub will facilitate as a sanctuary for the fellows to discuss and solve the most complex issues of our society through entrepreneurial and creative means.

Recently, an MoU was signed between Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean of KSBL) and Ms. Shireen Naqvi (Founder of School of Leadership). At this occasion, Mr. Sikander Bizenjo (Project Manager of Urban Youth Project at KSBL) and Mr. Fawad Safdar (Coordinator DICE Fellowship) were also present. It’s KSBL’s bit to encourage entrepreneurial culture in the new generation.

In Dr. Zeeshan’s words, “Dice Hub at KSBL is intended to help thrive the entrepreneurial eco-system in the province.”

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