KSBL SiMERGE 2018 – Opening Ceremony and Keynote Lecture

Friday, March 09 2018: A three-day annual inter-university business simulation & case-study competition hosted by the Karachi School of Business & Leadership (KSBL) each year commenced early in the day with over sixty participants from universities across the country.

The SiMERGE Opening Ceremony featured recognition of key sponsors: Telemart, TUC, Daraz, TVOne and NewsOne. This was followed by a Keynote Lecture by special guest Mr. Tariq Hussain, who has to his credit an over thirty-year career at the World Bank in public policy formulation and implementation. He is currently actively involved in organizational reforms of universities across Pakistan and is also Dean of the ‘Think Tank on Poverty Reduction’. His profile can be viewed here:

Mr. Hussain addressed students that had come together from various educational backgrounds, to enrich their student experience through this opportunity to work beyond their own classroom and engage with learning on an external platform. His address was particularly appropriate in that he pointed out what perspective students’ should hold when they are in this phase, moving toward planning their life careers.

He spoke of how, while one aspires to chase the world, it is more important at this stage to focus locally. One must work toward trying to solve local challenges that can contribute to the country itself, instead of taking the first chance to move away for better personal prospects. He went on to say that while the ‘self’ comes first and is primary in one’s decision choices, thinking of others alongside of what’s best for oneself is perhaps equally of value. He shared statistics on mortality, birth/death rates, poverty and state of education in Pakistan to highlight the gravity of the current situation in the country, which these students now held the potential to transform.

Mr. Tariq Hussain encouraged students to have faith in their personal abilities to bring change, be it seemingly small. He pointed out the educational advantage held by each individual in the room, just by virtue of how far they had been able to reach, and prompted them to work toward putting that knowledge and skillset to valuable use!
The ceremony concluded with Director SiMERGE, Basit Naeem (KSBL MBA student, Class of 2018) briefing students on what the next three days of the competition would hold for them, as well as rules and regulations to be followed.

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