KSBL Students Meet their CEO Mentor Dr. Zeelaf Munir (CEO, English Biscuits Manufacturers)

KSBL students had their mentorship meeting with Dr. Zeelaf Munir (CEO, English Biscuits Manufacturers) at English Biscuits Manufacturers Pvt. Limited.)

During the session Dr. Munir narrated her success story to the participants. In the view of her vast experience, she also talked about her approach towards her professional conduct and work ethics in a professional environment.

Emphasizing students to never give up in the face of challenges, she encouraged them to be very discreet in the battles they chose for themselves, during their journey. She also suggested them to not squander time and never stop learning new things, for rapid growth and advancement in their career.

The session provided an excellent opportunity for participants to learn and get inspired from enlightening career journey of Dr. Munir.

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