KSBL Students Visit Metro Store For their Trade Marketing Course

KSBL students visited Metro Store for their Trade Marketing Course. In contrast to theoretical concepts of trade marketing, the students were offered practical analysis of placements of varieties of branded products in store, on the basis of their market demand.

Mr. Mohammad Abdul Samee (Store Manager, Metro) explained visitors about the category wise placements of multiple assortments of different brands of Unilever Pvt. Ltd., Proctor & Gamble (P&G) Pvt. Ltd. and many other renowned entities. He also shared that all products are placed in different compartments, in the front row and back row, on the basis of their market demand.

Furthermore, the Metro team also shared about installation of latest technology in store, and explained students about the mechanism of various operations conducted there.

The field trip offered students whole new real-world experience which they thoroughly enjoyed.

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