KSBL Third Annual Commencement 2016 – Address by EMBA Valedictorian Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

“Honorable Chairman & board members of KEI, Distinguished guests, faculty members, support functions of KSBL, dear friends and family
I remember the day when we came here for our entry test and Dr. Javaid Ghani was waiting for us outside one of the classrooms. He greeted us and asked one question, one question that we kept hearing ever since:
Why MBA after becoming a Chartered Accountant?
Well honestly Sir, we didn’t have an answer at that time. We only had very vague expectations based on our experience and career trajectories.
But now we do have the answer.
We did MBA to discuss complex business issues and find multiple solutions without fear of failure.
We did MBA to openly discuss ethical issues that continue to challenge businesses and leaders.
We did MBA to challenge our beliefs and be exposed to different world views so that we may make our own.
And yes, we did MBA to become better individuals and better leaders.
And there was only one place that could have provided with such a fulfilling experience. That was and indeed is KSBL.

But how did we get here? How did we all get here?
We got here because we were privileged.
We were privileged to have the means to pay for the fee.
We were privileged to have family who cared about us and supported us no matter what.
We were privileged to have worked for employers who had genuine interest in our growth.
We were privileged to be coached and mentored by best faculty available in Pakistan.
We are privileged to be a part of KSBL.
We are privileged to be a part of this moment.
We are privileged that we celebrate our success today.

But we all know that success is never final.
So we must prepare ourselves for the challenges that lie ahead.
We must prepare to give back for all the privileges we have enjoyed.
We must prepare to give back to people who have supported us all the way.

Lets make a commitment that we will work hard, very hard, but not just for better careers or financial gains.
We will work hard for better tomorrow. We will work for an equitable and safer society and we will work hard for a prosperous country.

Lets start soon, real soon because the kind of actions we take today and the kind of leaders we become today would determine the kind of companies, the kind of society and the kind of country we become in the future.
God bless KSBL, God bless our country, God bless us all
Thank you! “

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