KSBL Visited Multinet to Conduct Session on From Engineers to CEOs

KSBL, as part of its Corporate Keynote Initiative, conducted session on From Engineers to CEOs at Multinet Pakistan. Conducted by Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean, KSBL) the session focused on highlighting detail oriented, analytical problem solving skills of engineers. Moreover, he shed light on how a fusion of MBA Program with an Engineering background can open successful avenues for participants and can help them land on top positions within organizations they are working at.

The session started off with Dr. Zeeshan briefing participants regarding basic qualities that engineers already have. He shared that in general engineers are meticulous observers, having competencies of numeracy skills, strategic mindset and efficiency orientation. Furthermore, he discussed about the skillset and competencies which Engineers may lack, that can subsequently become hindrances in advancement of their careers. He also emphasized that besides strategic mindset, it is crucial for engineers to have competencies of effective management, critical thinking, leadership & team building.

While highlighting about the newly emerging jobs and ones that are expected to become obsolete in upcoming years, Dr. Zeeshan emphasized on role of MBA in upgrading skillset of participants through latest pedagogies and experiential learning.

The session concluded with an engaging QnA session.

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