KSBL working to embolden human resource

KARACHI – Karachi School of Business Leadership (KSBL) is aggressively working to embolden human resource of corporate sector through providing required skills and training to professionals keeping in view the goals and objectives in respect with the challenges of the current era.

This was stated by Dr Shaukat A Brah, Dean of KSBL in an interview to The Nation.

We are committed to give knowledge to corporate leaders to expand their business and enhance their profit with accuracy of decision in areas like human resource, cost cutting, investment returns and many more, he added. KSBL is the school of leaders of future generation with clear vision to provide solid and competent leadership to run the corporation and country successfully with their skills and knowledge.

Pakistan has been blessed with talented people, natural resources, geo-strategic locations and many multiple things which are being lacked by different countries but here the only problem is a competent leadership that could lead the country and the masses on the front.

The country has immense potential especially its human resource is talented and learned but the missing part of their productivity is leadership which does matter for enterprises whether it is small or large or society. KSBL aims to provide leadership to corporate sector in Pakistan.

I strongly believe that KSBL will play a pivotal role towards providing leaders for the business in particular and for the society in general throughout the country.

In my view, a true and talented leadership could not be dragged out private sector organisations from losses but it will turn Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) into profit making depending they will be given opportunity with freedom and vision because nothing is impossible in this world even in the country. The fundamental objectives of KSBL to produce leaders who are honest and capable of combating challenges at business whereas entrepreneurship is being taught to them for motivating students to become innovators and inventors who are true leaders of the society.

The Nation
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