KSBL’s student Danish Haroon launches his book “Python Machine Learning & Case Studies”

KSBL feels proud to announce that one of our exceptional students Danish Haroon from the batch of 2013, has recently launched his book by the name of “Python Machine Learning and Case Studies.” Being a data enthusiast and in the view if booming scope of Data Analytics, Danish has chosen Python, the programming language software as a subject of his book. With this publication Danish has endeavored to help aspiring Data Scientists learn a good number of details about Python. Besides in-depth insights about the software, he has also highlighted numerous case studies and best practices in the world to familiarize students with this software on a greater level and help understand best possible business solutions which it has to offer.

In today’s era, the world is flooded with data. Globally whether we see corporate sector, governments, or entrepreneurs – all are honed towards generating petabytes of information of culture, economy, and environment. With the ubiquity of data and great possibilities are opening up for data scientists, the need to spread knowledge amongst the masses regarding the constantly emerging softwares like Python is also increasing. If we contemplate the current scenario Python is that one programming language software that is growing to be one of the most sought after languages in the world.

The book is conducive for the beginners as well as the advance level learners who already belong to the Python family. With the elevating avenues in big data and analytics the demand of data scientists is also evidently increasing: and with books like these young students will be able to comprehend effective business related solutions which are less time consuming, at a much deeper level.

The real opportunities prevail in big data and analytics. It has become abundantly clear that the demand of big data scientists is evidently expanding. This has made it crucial for higher education institutes also to incorporate learning of such advance softwares in their curriculums.

KSBL under its initiative KIDE (KSBL Initiative of Digital Economy) launched its skills upgrading program on Business Analytics to prepare students adapt to latest programming language softwares like Python and data program Tableau, to help students enhance their professional capabilities, so that they are not left behind when they are done with higher education and take a first step of their career journey into the competitive market

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