MBA & E-MBA Orientation Day 2017

August 18, 2017: Welcoming the #Classof2019 and marking the start of our 6th academic year, orientation for all programs was held at the KSBL campus in an evening session attended by students, parents, faculty and management; with Foundation Term classes commencing at full-throttle the very next day.

Senior student Batool Somjee began proceedings, with a welcome note from the Dean, an overview of the MBA/E-MBA from the Director of Degree Programs and a brief on the KSBL ethos, code of conduct, expectations and regulations by the Registrar. Faculty and staff introductions were made, to create a sense of familiarity toward the KSBL community and particularly the student-related departments.

Parents and students were reminded that the KSBL distinction lies in our focus, beyond the degree, on character-building and inculcating values of integrity to hone leadership.

The event ended on a lighter note: with a short video encompassing in a nutshell life at KSBL. This was followed by a campus tour, individual student pictures, and an opportunity to socialize with each other over refreshments.

Best wishes to the incoming class! We hope this two-year passage of education leaves an enduring mark in your lives.

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