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The KSBL curriculum, prepares you to create and lead sustainable organizations in a complex and rapidly changing world. In addition to building a solid foundation in core business functions, the KSBL MBA substantively integrates components of ethics into all classes, helping to shape global ethical leaders. The general management focus of the programme is supplemented with specific courses to guide and develop creative entrepreneurs as well as courses where students engage and consult with new or emerging ventures and NGO organisations.

The programme consists of eight 7-week terms plus an initial Foundation term, and includes 66 credit hours of courses.

Foundation Term
  Financial Accounting
  Business Statistics & Modeling I
Term I
  Financial Reporting & Analysis I
  Marketing Management I
  Organizational Behavior I
  Management Communication I
  Business Statistics & Modeling II
Term II
  Financial Reporting & Analysis II
  Marketing Management II
  Organizational Behavior II
  Management Communication II
  Managerial Economics
Term III
  Market Research & Analysis I
  Corporate Finance I
  Operations Management I
  Business Development in Pakistan
  Macro Economics & Global Economy
Term IV
  Market Research & Analysis II
  Corporate Finance II
  Operations Management II
  Business Intelligence
  Integrative Management Strategy
Term V
  Personal Excellence
  Strategic HRM
  Brand Management
  Trade Marketing
  Management & Cost Accounting
Term VI
  Corporate Strategy
  Investment Management & Capital Markets
  Employability Skills
  Islam Law & Ethics
  Supply Chain Management
Term VII
  Strategy for Emerging Markets
  Islamic Finance
  International Finance
  Digital Marketing
  Media Planning & Advertising
  Business Law
  Public Policy

* This is a tentative list of courses, Course offerings are subject to change on the recommendation of Academic Committee

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