Mr. Fahad Ashraf (CEO & GM Health – Reckitt Benckiser) Visited KSBL for CEO Mentorship Program

We are grateful to Mr. Fahad Ashraf (Chief Executive & GM Health – Reckitt Benckiser) for joining us at KSBL, as a part of our CEOMentorshipProgram

KSBL’s CEO Mentorship Program is a platform that provides students a chance to interact with prominent CEOs; who have made it big in the business fraternity. Through this program students take inspiration from their success stories and try to implement their learnings in their own experiences.

Mr. Ashraf, in his session shared about his interests and challenges that he confronted in his career. He also advised students to realize their true competencies & work on their strategic mindset, to make better decisions in life ahead. Moreover he encouraged students to always hold on to perseverance and never give up on their dreams, no matter how tough situations may get on the path of their career.

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