Ms. Saira Ibrahim speaks on ‘Women & Workplace Communication – The Secrets to Success’ at NED

Ms. Saira Ibrahim, Registrar and Head of Financial Aid Office at KSBL, was invited as a Guest Speaker at a Symposium on “Women in Workplace”, organized by the NED University of Engineering &Technology. The purpose of the seminar was to highlight the facts on how women tackle different issues in their professional life, whilst successfully achieving work-life balance.

The seminar was attended by a mix of 200 male and female students, and served the purpose of nourishing the young minds of undergraduates, by sharing with them the real life issues that women face at workplace around the world. Ms. Saira Ibrahim’s area of discussion was ‘Women & Workplace Communication – The Secrets to Success’. Ms. Ibrahim, who has experience in the education industry of over two decades, shared various tips and techniques that may be applied intelligently to deal with the various workplace issues.

She began her talk by highlighting the relationship between effective workplace communication and productivity, which leads to the understanding that the communication styles of men and women differ significantly as their priorities, workplace values and roles in the society are diverse. Hence, men usually follow a ‘Report’ style of communication whereas the women are known to be practicing the ‘Rapport’ style more frequently. Irrespective of the difference in leadership and communication styles, the research suggested that the 4% of the CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies were females who had reached the pinnacle of their careers with their unique styles. Finally, she shared a few success stories of Pakistani women with the audience, leaving the young students motivated and optimistic of the bright future that they can create for themselves.

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