Naveena Exports Limited supports KSBL students by establishing Naveena Scholarship Fund

KSBL extends its heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Asif Riaz Tata, Chairman, Naveena Exports Limited for establishing the Naveena Scholarship Fund by donating PKR 7 Million to support the meritorious deserving students of the KSBL MBA programme.

Admission to KSBL is need-blind and offers enrolment based purely on merit, irrespective of a candidate’s financial standing. It is after a candidate undergoes a challenging and thorough assessment process and gains admission to the MBA programme that his or her financial capabilities are assed and where required scholarship or financial assistance is provided to the student.

Through the support of philanthropists like Mr. Tata KSBL has been able to provide financial aid to a diverse student body and hold itself to the highest academic standards. Through such benevolent support, young Pakistani scholars have been able to benefit from KSBL’s robust MBA Programme thereby emerging empowered to lead and contribute back to the society.

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