NBEAC at KSBL – Workshop on Case Teaching & Contemporary Methods

Thursday, July 19, 2018: A workshop of NBEAC was conducted at KSBL on the topic of Case Teaching and Contemporary Methods. It was a two days’ workshop that was held from 18th to 19th July 2018.
Organized by the NBEAC Training and Development Wing, the workshop aimed to provide in-depth insights to the academicians from business schools, who were interested in introducing case based learning in their undergraduate and graduate teaching programs.

Over 30 business schools region wise, from across the country, with total 45 active participants attended the workshop to understand the incorporation of case teaching in their curriculum with latest methods and techniques for effective teaching.

Bringing together all attendees on one single platform, the workshop involved sessions from high-profile faculty of KSBL, panel discussions and exhilarating engagement activities on topics discussed, for better understanding.
On day one, Dr Zeeshan Ahmed (Rector & Dean at KSBL) conducted the first three sessions, in which he gave detailed insights on various topics like pre-requisites for teaching excellence, teaching management, introduction to case method and many more. Different exercises and participant based activities to keep the spirits of attendees high, were also part of sessions.

Later on Dr Jawaid Ghani (Professor Of Strategy & Marketing Research, KSBL) moderated a session that revolved around Case Teaching, in which the topics of balancing content process, evaluation and case discussions were explained.

Moreover on day two Dr M Athar Siddiqui (Director, Degree Programs, KSBL) carried out his session on Experiential Learning and what methods and strategies should be followed to make it a part of academia, for effective performance of students. The workshop concluded with a panel discussion, in which key takeaways and the overall crux of the workshop were discussed.
The workshop shed light over difficulties confronted by teachers to keep the students engaged in their lectures and keep their interest level lured throughout the sessions.

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