Progressive Education Network (PEN) visits KSBL

Mr. Adeel Durvesh and Ms. Riffat from Progressive Education Network (PEN) visited ‪KSBL on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 to share the efforts made by PEN in providing quality education to underprivileged children.

The session began with a presentation covering the organization’s initiatives, impact, and future plans. Mr. Adeel gave a talk on the hard facts of life and existence for underprivileged families, and explained how children living is such circumstances have the potential but not the means to create a positive difference in their lives. He shared how PEN partners with District Governments to adopt failing public schools and implements a framework focusing on improving academics, providing vital missing facilities, organizing co-curricular activities that develop students’ character and leadership skills, and train teachers through counselling and capacity building programs.

Mr. Adeel & Ms. Riffat also spoke about the procedures of contributing through financial support, volunteer work and full-time employment at PEN. The session closed with a short video on various heartwarming stories of children and families benefiting from the organization’s public-private partnership framework, and was followed by Q&A.

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