To ensure consistent and long-lasting institutional success, it is essential to have the ability to see beyond the readily apparent, to validate decisions empirically, to approach each scenario methodically and to appreciate the various factors that might directly or indirectly affect the outcome of a strategy. ‘StrataQuest’ will introduce its participants to increasingly complex scenarios which one inevitably faces in a corporate setting, preparing them for a multi-faceted approach to strategic decision-making. Focusing on Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Financial Strategy, and Crisis and Leadership Management, ‘StrataQuest’ seeks to encourage participants to hone their decision-making abilities across a wide expanse of sensitive managerial activity.

Business leadership is experiential and academic study of leadership and personality theories can only go so far in inculcating the responsibility, dynamism and insight that is associated with leadership. To impart these invaluable lessons, the case method introduces one to historical circumstances and actual decisions that paved the way for consequent success or failure. Through active engagement in discussions, participants learn how to arrive at decisions themselves, and defend, discard or morph them to accommodate unexpected developments. By conducting an in-depth study, analyzing the various aspects of relevant decisions and interacting with equally talented and motivated peers, participants enhance their capacity for strategic thinking and decisive action that leads to a more wholesome and deliberated decision. ‘StrataQuest’ will entertain multiple teams from leading business and engineering schools from Karachi, with each team participating in all of the afore-mentioned management disciplines. This will train participants in differentiating between relevant and irrelevant data, helping them in deciding on the best course of action and devising sound strategies to implement a well-considered decision.

‘StrataQuest’ Modules

True to its name, KSBL ‘StrataQuest’ has been designed to create a schema, a mental map, to assist in the decision-making process.
The rigorous two-day event will introduce participating teams to major functional managerial domains, and will enable participants to draw upon this experience throughout their professional careers to inform strategic decisions which require multi-dimensional deliberation.

The event comprises of the following modules:

  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Leadership Management
  • Business Ethics

This over-arching program will explore the breadth of a top MBA program, and will impress upon the participants the depth and multiple layers of complexities that determine the success of a strategic decision. The supervision of case study analyses and exercises will fall to KSBL’s distinguished and internationally-acclaimed faculty.

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