Student DEC Session 11: Evolving Trends of the Workplace – Head of HR, Engro Corp.

Friday, November 17 2017. As part of the ‘Developing Executive Capabilities’ in students segment: Mr. Ali Raza Mehdi, SVP & Head of HR at Engro Corp, spoke as a guest lecturer on the theme of ‘Evolving Trends in the Workplace’, taking from his own experience across the years, that spans diverse sectors and dynamic work-styles at varied organizations.

Mr. Raza Mehdi stated simply that the students venturing into a career in todays-world must “become comfortable with being uncomfortable, all the time”. In what is primarily now a knowledge economy – pace of learning is fast becoming a measure of success, not familiarity or years of experience or seniority in career position. These are elements that were held in high-esteem traditionally but are quickly being circumvented by high skill levels and ease of adaptability to/application of new knowledge.

And so today’s potential employees must focus on agility, flexibility, re-skilling and well-honed social & communication skills. Success will be a variable of ability to continually learn and expand one’s expertise, which will translate to fostering innovation in thinking and systems.

There is oncoming a huge paradigm shift in how organizations work: beginning with the taking away of hierarchies, the option to work flexible hours or freelance and in turn, the demand for multiple functional competencies. Individuals must be able to “un-learn” and “re-learn” quickly to keep up with more dynamic workplace trends. In the same breadth, organizations must keep up with how the market environment is changing in order to survive in order to stay competitive and avoid becoming quickly obsolete.

A refreshing perspective that was well-taken by students who are familiar with the concept of quick learning, inculcated continually within the teaching paradigms of MBA program delivery at KSBL.

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