Talk on ‘CPEC – Rationale & Socioeconomics’ at KSBL

March 8, 2017: Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Javaid (Chief Economist, Government of Pakistan) gave a talk on CPEC at Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL). KSBL auditorium and lecture halls were packed with an audience from corporate sector, business community and students from various universities. Mr. Muneer Kamal (Chairman, Pakistan Stock Exchange) welcomed Dr. Javaid and emphasized the need to invest in education. He also talked about how the country’s fundamental macroeconomic indicators are showing improvement.

Dr. Nadeem Javaid began by stating the rationale behind CPEC, and explained how CPEC falls within part of the infrastructural development plan of China from Asia to Europe with 60 countries being part of the overall One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. Dr. Javaid shared how the corridor starting from Gwadar forms the principal strategic component for the larger infrastructural plan as part of a major maritime route. Dr. Javaid also talked about the various projects that make up the Economic Corridor. Talking about the overall socioeconomic impact for Pakistan’s economy, Dr. Javaid also shed light on the various businesses, tourism and employment opportunities that will be created as a result of CPEC.

Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed, Rector & Dean, KSBL thanked Dr. Nadeem Javaid for his insightful talk which was organized as a part of KSBL’s Eminent Speaker Series. This KSBL Speaker Series aims to enhance both inter-academia, and industry-academia engagement through sharing a platform of mutual learning. Participants were enlightened with the talk and the interactive question and answers session that followed.

Dr. Nadeem Javaid is the 13th Chief Economist of Pakistan. He has a PhD in Economics and an MS in Innovation and Industrial Dynamics from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France. Dr. Javaid has 18 years of experience in academia, financial regulation and policy making. Dr. Nadeem is also a Faculty Member at KSBL.

The slide deck that Dr. Javaid used for the talk may be downloaded at click here

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