The Battle of Minds Competition by Pakistan Tobacco Company

Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) visited KSBL for their Recruitment Drive 2014, launching the “Battles of Minds (BOM) Competition 2014” on Friday, March 28. PTC will be recruiting KSBL students and graduates for their Summer Internship, Management Trainee and Entry Level Jobs through this competition.

‘Battles of Minds’ has a rich legacy in South Asia Area (SAA) as one of the most successful competition based platforms to source the crème de la crème talent from a broad spectrum of universities across the academic landscape in Bangladesh and Pakistan. It offers each participant the opportunity to test their skills against a very structured and rigorous five-stage assessment process.

An introductory presentation was given by the PTC representatives to enroll our students in the first stage, followed by an assessment test. The students who will qualify for the next stage will be grouped together to participate, and represent KSBL in the BOM competition, which is expected to be held in April/May 2014. The selected candidates will then be invited for interviews and the final stages of the recruitment process.

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