KSBL/HR Metrics joint conference on “GDIB-Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks”.

The Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks conference held recently in partnership with HR Metrics brought forward one of the most globally-relevant, pressing issues of our time. Are our organizations impartial and inclusive?

The full-day conference brought together scholars, policy-makers, industry-leaders, HR professionals, and students with a lineup of speakers, workshops and a panel discussion. The discourse included a welcome address by KSBL Dean, program orientation by CEO HR Metrics, and a special live session with co-author of GDIB2016, Julie O’Mara. Mr. Shahzad Dada (President, SCB), Dr. Ishrat Husain (Former Governor, SBP) and Ms. Marvi Memon (Chairperson, BISP) as special guest speakers and champions of diversity within their respective areas of work, spoke of personal observations as well as areas of achievement and of concern for Pakistan going forward.

The dialogue, engaging panel discussion and subsequent Q&A brought forward thoughts on workplace discrimination/gender & disability inclusion/gender pay disparity/D&I culture in urban versus rural settings/the negative undercurrents of the “group-think” phenomenon and most of all, the urgency to address the existing gap between organizational vision and ground-level implementation. With all this, there was considerable headway in bringing the “inclusivity” debate to the forefront.

KSBL, as a leading graduate business school, is striving to help frame the national conversation and to provide a much-needed platform to engage today’s youth with the decisive issues of tomorrow.

A complete recording of the event is available here
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