The Marketing Guru Mr. Qashif Effendi Visited KSBL to Talk On Building Brands beyond Advertising

Mr. Qashif Effendi (CEO, Reem Rice Mills (Pvt.) Limited) visited the Karachi School of Business & Leadership to share his thoughts on topic Building Brands beyond Advertising. In his session Mr. Effendi shared various campaigns and skills with participants, required to enhance any brand’s awareness and its positioning in the market. The session was conducted in the Brand Management class of Ms. Mariam Durrani (Visiting faculty, KSBL).

The session started off with Mr. Qashif giving a brief overview on the topic, in light of his own career journey. The gold medalist in marketing Mr. Qashif Effendi talked about the earlier challenges he confronted in initial stage of his career, while he was working at Caltex. He highlighted different brand strategies and campaigns by him which increased the exposure of Caltex in the market, and projected its positive image.
In the view of his own success story, Mr. Effendi explained participants regarding the importance of Brand Endorsement, Market Segmentation and impact of Viral Campaigns in increasing the brand’s ROI (Return on Investment) and positioning in the market.

He encouraged students to never hesitate in their career in experimenting and giving a shot to any idea in which they think there’s potential. He emphasized to always remain updated with latest marketing tips and techniques and implement the pertinent learnings in their daily work tasks, to enhance their creativity and break the monotony. He also said that with creativity and tapping the right market, a creative campaign can do wonders for a brand.

In the end Mr. Effendi advised students that in professional life they should always keep organization’s interests before their own. The invigorating session concluded with engaging question and answers. Later Dr. Muhammad Athar Siddiqui (Director Degree Programs, KSBL) applauded Mr. Qashif Effendi for his efforts in carrying out this energetic session.

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