TRG Thursday Talks: Sidra Iqbal on Emotional Health. “Take Back Your Power”

The Trainers Resource Group, in a new partnership with KSBL under the External Engagement Office, has launched a series of self-development training sessions to be hosted every last Thursday of the month.

November 23, 2017: In the first event of the series, Sidra Iqbal (a positive-change activist) spoke on the important yet often-overlooked theme of personal emotional well-being. Some leading words of counsel were on the value of allowing time for the self, embracing positivity in all that we do, striking a work-life balance and not allowing others to dictate one’s choices. One should steer away from the typical self-sabotage elements of guilt or blame that often become a natural part of the everyday routine; our decisions are our own and should always primarily lead to personal fulfillment, not be a stake in others’ happiness. Sidra Iqbal also touched on the four fundamental emotional intelligence indicators, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skill – each highlighting that focus on the ‘self’ must come before anyone or anything else.

This talk was attended by young professionals and senior executives across varied organizations the likes of: IBA, HU Foundation, Szabist, KU, Iqra University, Oxford University Press, AF Fergusons, SSGC, HMB and Al-Habib Bank, Dewan Cement and consulting firms. Also present were esteemed TRG founders: Cyrus Magol & Azhar Iqbal Mir who presented a token of appreciation to host Sidra Iqbal.

The next TRG ThursdayTalk is scheduled for Thursday, December 28th at the KSBL campus. On the theme of Passion & Persistence for 2018. Sign up here to attend! https://tinyurl.com/TRG228

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