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Manager Dean’s Office

KSBL is looking to hire an experienced and motivated individual for the position of Manager Dean’s Office.

Job Duties:

  1. Act as a liaison between Cluster Heads, Program Heads, and individual faculty members to ensure effective communication and coordination.
  2. Collaborate with the Human Resources Department to facilitate faculty planning activities before the commencement of each semester.
  3. Conduct Board of Studies, Board of faculty and assist QEC office in Academic council.
  4. Follow up collaborative linkages with external educational institutions on behalf of Dean.
  5. Research the system and processes at other international universities to “benchmark” the performance of the school.
  6. Prepare semester progress report on regular basis.
  7. Work closely with various departments to address day-to-day operational matters and foster interdepartmental cooperation.
  8. Research into the systems and prepare presentations for meetings, conferences etc.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required:

  1. Masters degree from a well reputed institute.
  2. At least 6 years of working experience in a similar job role.
  3. Should possess good time management skills.
  4. Should possess good communication skills.
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