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MS in Business Analytics at KSBL takes a skills-based approach to business analytics with technology and innovation at its core. With the evolution of new data sources stemming from digitization, the markets requires a skill set with in-depth understanding and dynamism that is not as prevalent. Our program thus aims to coach managers, and leaders turn data into in-depth insights for optimal decision making for their businesses to operate in this new environment. This program is designed also keeping in view the early movers in the field seeking to pursue, switch to, or advance their career with the data revolution of these times and the tremendous potential it offers. Our cutting edge program thus aims to fulfill industry demand by offering a combination of technical tools, softwares, business education and hands-on real-world problem solving so the learning on analytics comes full circle.

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Why Study Business Analytics at KSBL?

KSBL provides a unique ecosystem that enables hands-on learning during both in-classroom / lab teaching and thesis project selection and research. The transformationary nature of this field makes this program relevant for professionals from all sectors, industries and regions who realize the immense potential that it offers as digital innovation becomes rampant.

Organizations that leverage data and build insights are proven to outperform competitors. Data literate candidates are increasingly becoming most sought-after in the fourth industrial revolution.

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MS Business Analytics Curriculum

The curriculum for the 1.5 year degree program is designed to cover all core pillars of business analytics to help managers and leaders meet their growth objectives. Our curriculum is designed to cover core concepts, teach the usage of statistical tools and develop insights, so managers and leaders are able to analyze, describe and predict. The curriculum is designed keeping in view hands-on applicability in key business areas of marketing, finance, HR, operations etc, to name a few.

30 credit hours of courses to be completed in 1.5 years, with the flexibility of evening classes



Semester I

  • Data Analysis & Modeling
  • Programming for Data Science
  • Business Strategy in the Digital Era

Semester II

  • Machine Learning
  • Information Management
  • Marketing Analytics

Semester III

  • Elective Courses
  • Thesis OR Project

Elective Courses

  • Big Data Technologies
  • Mining the Web and Social Media
*This is a tentative list of courses. Course offerings are subject to change on the recommendation of the Academic Committee.
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