We combine the technical with the strategic. Our curriculum is designed in view of both local and global considerations. With this at its core, the curriculum inspires creativity and reflection, where
students are encouraged to demonstrate all these attributes while they are with us.
This combination is grounded in social consciousness and emphasis on the principles of ethics.

At KSBL, students do not just receive an education – we create a profound impact on their character instilling traits like empathy and humility. This holistic approach is all learning at KSBL helps our students equally thrive in large corporations, start-ups, or the gig-economy.

Research based Learning

Pedagogy: Learning that is Research-Based & Growth-Led

Our pedagogical framework rests on taking onboard academic professionals and business experts with a real-world approach to design & deliver the curriculum in conjunction with industrial demands. While developing a leadership hub at KSBL, we wish to equip individuals with both the right character and the perfect capabilities to make a mark in the business world.

Diaspora of Business Professionals & Industry Leaders

KSBL prepares individuals in a well-rounded business ecosystem pushing for futuristic preparedness led by present-day technology, experiential learning, simulation and guided evaluation. Bearing active alumni, KSBL acts as an enabling medium for individuals to interact, share ideas and be inspired.

Through a strong alumni network, event series, super supportive framework and one-on-one interactions with professionals and industry experts, we press for a wholesome readiness along with academics. We take pride in helping develop some of the most notable leaders who have made meaningful contributions to society.