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KSBL BS Computer Science

The newly launched Bachelor’s in Computer Science program at KSBL is designed to train students to become business-savvy technology managers with expertise in the back-end operations. The program offers a comprehensive industry-driven curriculum that focuses on skill development, ensuring students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and abilities to excel in the field. With a future-ready technology education that covers programming, IT, software engineering, cyber security, networks, AI, and analytics, students are prepared to navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape. The program also fosters an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging students to explore the realm of technopreneurship. Graduates of this program will have endless professional opportunities available to them, with a wide range of career paths in various industries. Students will have the opportunity to learn from top faculty members who bring their expertise and industry insights to the classroom, providing a transformative learning experience.

Computer Science

Why BS Computer Science at KSBL?

After completing this degree, graduates can pursue various careers in business industry, such as software developer, computer programmer, data analyst, web developer, network administrator, and systems analyst. They can also choose to pursue further education by enrolling in a master’s or doctoral program in computer science or a related field. The program also allows students to fast-track to the 30-credit hour Computer Science.

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BS Computer Science Curriculum

Prepare to be a thought leader in the world of Computer Science
– Coherent business driven curriculum
– Taught by internationally diverse faculty
– Excellent global employment prospects
– Technopreneurship-ready in 4 years!

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