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Financial Assistance

We at Karachi School of Business & Leadership believe that access to higher education should not be a prerogative of students from affluent families only. Rather opportunities for higher education should be made available to all students regardless of their financial capacity. Consistent with this view, KSBL endeavors to make education accessible to students from all strata of society irrespective of their socio economic standing. Our needs blind admissions policy ensures that each application is assessed entirely on merit and irrespective of the applicant’s financial status. We also understand that putting a member of the family through higher education may put a strain on the family’s finances for the duration of the study program. That is when our financial assistance office comes in.

We make our KSBL MBA program available to deserving students through our Financial Assistance program, which includes scholarships, sponsorships, fee waivers, student loans, Qarz-e-Hasana and work-study program.
We have generous financial assistance options for qualifying students and have disbursed more than Rs. 95 Million to our MBA students in the past 4 years.


Application Assessment Process

We have a committee consisting of both management and faculty, which analyzes each case in detail. We determine if the candidate’s family has adequate resources to support the program. We base our decision on the financial credentials and other family particulars that the applicants submit. We then validate the information through a lifestyle assessment survey. We do this to be able to equitably disburse and allocate the various financial assistance possibilities that come under our financial assistance program.

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