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Financial Assistance at KSBL

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Amount in PKR
Total Number of Beneficiaries to date : 504
Scholarships and Grants
KSBL Interest Free Loans
Third Party Interest Free Loans
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* Financial Assistance distributed till 2020: PKR 200,201,123/-
Types of Financial Assistance
Need Assessment Process
Terms and Conditions
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KSBL aspire to attract the top talent and believes that financial impediments should not be a barrier to be part of the premier educational programs offered at KSBL. We offer Financial Assistance in the form of

  • i. Merit Scholarships
  • ii. KSBL Need Based Grants
  • iii. Third Party Loans
  • iv. Paid Teaching/Research Assistance-ship & Student Jobs
  • v. Alumni Discounts
  • vi. Institutional Discounts
  • vii. Special Quota for Females in Undergrad Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans.

Merit Scholarships

  • a) KSBL offers up to 80% scholarship for the ‘Position Holders’ of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Studies (BISE)
  • b) Having 3 As in CIE
  • c) Admission test merit lists toppers
  • d) Merit scholarship for semester toppers
  • e) Enrolled students qualifying for Rector’s list.

KSBL Need Based Grants

A combination of Up to 65% financial assistance is provided on a state-of-the-art automated admission portal to ensure an unbiased, and fair assessment of the needs of the student in the form of KSBL grants.

Third Party Loans

KSBL grants can be substantiated with third party interest free loans like Qarz- Hasna and ISA.

Paid Teaching/Research Assistance-ship & Student Jobs

We offer opportunities for students to learn, and earn through our various paid offerings.

Alumni Discounts

For subsequent enrollments the Alumni can avail 20% fee waiver

Institutional Discounts

Special custom made offers for fee waivers, scholarships and grants are available for the institutions.

Special Quota for Females in Undergrad Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans.

For Gender inclusivity KSBL have allocated half of its Financial Assistance budgets for females for undergrad admissions

  • 1. Prospective Students apply through a formal application process complete the application form in all aspects.
  • 2. Pay the fee for tests ( in case of fee waiver follow the instructions of the admissions’ team to fill this section)
  • 3. The Prospective students who have formally applied for any study program can apply for Financial Assistance
  • 4. The financial assistance needs of the applicant students shall be determined by the Institute’s Financial Assistance Committee through a very transparent and stringent point-based evaluation.
  • 5. The Committee shall verify the information provided and will assess each application on a score card generated in online portal for fair assessment, the level of financial assistance offered will be based on the predefined criteria for the scores.
  • 1. Merit and need based scholarships and Student loans are awarded to the successful candidates.
  • 2. The scholarship and grants awarded are awarded for the first semester only and their continuation for the subsequent semesters shall be subject to maintenance of CGPA of 3.50 and the grade of at least B in each course by the awardee.
  • 3. Only one kind of merit scholarship or grant shall be admissible to one student at a time.
  • 4. The students shall have to follow the academic road map with a regular course load for all types of merit scholarships and adhere to code of conduct of the university.

Financial assistance need of the applicants are based on the socio-economic profile declared in the application form, mainly comprising the following factors:

1. Household Income from all Sources (Per Month)

  • a) Salary Certificates/ Slips of all earning members of the family
  • b) Bank statements (last 12 months)

2. Dependents on Household Income (Including Self)

  • a) NADRA issued Family Registration Certificate FRC
  • b) Cover letter
  • c) Copies of CNICs

3. Expenses out of Household Income including rent/mortgage, education and health expenses on dependents, etc.

  • a) Copy of rent agreement
  • b) Mortgage/House loan approval documents
  • c) Proof of payment for last 06 months
  • d) Copies of fee vouchers of all family members studying (last 03 months)
  • d) Copies of Medical bills incurring regularly (last 03 months)

4. Utility expenses per month

  • a) Copies of all Utility Bills (last 06 months – if billing history is not visible in the latest bill)
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