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KSBL – IPRI Roundtable

KSBL – IPRI Roundtable on External Imbalances of Pakistan: Causes, Consequences and Cures

KSBL in collaboration with IPRI (Islamabad Policy Research Institute) recently hosted a Roundtable under the banner of Economic Security. This roundtable was organized to discuss the external imbalances of Pakistan’s economy and its gravity and impact on the people, and the factors responsible for the trade deficit. Specifically, causes that are responsible for this imbalance were analyzed, including market distortions, lack of competitiveness in key sectors due to weak institutions and regulations, lack of adequate infrastructure development, and rising interest rates, etc.

The renowned economists, academics, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and policymakers in attendance brought forth their constructive recommendations for a better future for Pakistan. The speakers expressed their deep concern over the effects of inflation and the economic security crisis Pakistan has been facing over the past few months.

To find out more about the comments of the discussants, please visit: (Initial Round Table Report)

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