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KSBL campus was abuzz with excitement at SiMERGE 2024, with 134 students from 29 universities across Pakistan in attendance.

Managed by KSBL students, the competition commenced with the case study round. Solving case studies with their teams provided a thrilling challenge, fostering participants’ critical thinking, strategic thinking, and teamwork. Day two featured simulations, a panel discussion, a workshop, and the finalization of business pitches. A panel of leading professionals delved into the entrepreneurship landscape in Pakistan and the role of AI, followed by a workshop on media planning. Teams were then tasked with simulation-based challenges by Dr. Saima Hussain and Mr. Tahir Jawaid (KSBL Executive in Residence), assessing students’ managerial and decision-making skills. The competition culminated in gamified challenges and a wellness exhibition.

SiMERGE 2024 won by students from Bahria University, offered healthy competition, gamification, and networking over three enriching days. The case studies and simulations provided students with a unique experiential learning opportunity where they were challenged to analyze complex business scenarios, make strategic decisions, and present their solutions under pressure. This hands-on experience honed their analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills, preparing them for real-world challenges in the business landscape.

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