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Mr. Amir Iqbal, CEO Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company Limited delivers a talk at KSBL

In an inspiring Guest Speaker Talk for graduate students, KSBL was honored to host Mr. Amir Iqbal, CEO of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company Limited. Mr. Iqbal shared insightful stories and personal reflections, emphasizing the foundational importance of being a good human before stepping into leadership roles. He emphasized the transformative power of fairness, respect, and a spirited attitude. His words resonated deeply as he encouraged the students to define their unique value, explore their leadership styles with humility, and embrace discomfort for personal growth. One of the key pieces of advice that he gave the students was, to ask the right questions, and adopt a nurturing mindset for their teams.

The session was a profound reminder that leadership begins with our character and extends to the impact we create in the world. Such talks, along with case studies and capstone projects, are part of KSBL’s curriculum to instill both character and competence in our students.

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