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Spring 2022 Orientation for Graduate and Undergraduate Programs

A Two-day Orientation was recently conducted at KSBL to mark the first-ever Spring Intake for all Programs. Freshmen students from Graduate (MBA, Exec MBA, and MS Business Analytics) and Undergraduate Programs engaged in sessions, activities, and meet-ups with Leadership, Faculty, and Alumni as they officially became a part of KSBL.

At one of the ice-breaking sessions, Mr. Mubashar Hameed, Rector & CEO, KSBL shared how the concept behind all KSBL offerings is to create specialists who can excel in a technology-driven world. He went on to share how specializations are integrated into the curriculum, along with sustainability, and stem-based education. He also shared how ethical leadership development is the linchpin of all learning at KSBL.

Dr. Farooq-e-Azam Cheema, Provost KSBL welcomed the students on campus and shared about the program structure and policies. He also shared about the pedagogy and an internationally diverse faculty that helps foster practical skills and real-world knowledge.

Respective faculty from each program gave the incoming batches further information on program structure and coursework. The newly elected President of the Student Council also invited the students to help with societies. The two-day event concluded with a wellness session to reinforce the concept of balance and mindfulness.

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