Brand Gamification

This 2-day program teaches Brand Gamification in the competitive business environment, asexperiential marketing and brand gamfication are crucial instruments for corporate success. Incorporating game-like features into marketing initiatives is known as brand gamfication, and it can be a highly effective strategy for attracting customers and fostering brand loyalty. With the help of these marketing strategies, businesses can give consumers memorable and engaging experiences that may increase engagement, brand loyalty, and sales. Brands may stand out in a crowded market and establish emotional connections with their customers by utilizing experiential marketing, which focuses on developing distinctive and interactive experiences for customers.

  • Recognize the fundamental concepts and principles of experiential marketing and brand gamification.
  • Create customer personas after analyzing the target audience.
  • Create and implement effective experiential marketing campaigns.
  • Incorporate gamification tactics into the marketing campaigns.
  • Utilize analytics, determine and assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Utilize case studies and best practices to address actual marketing challenges.
  • Interactive lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Real-world marketing challenges
  • Games

Marketing professionals across diverse sectors, individual marketing managers, directors, brand managers, digital marketing specialists, event marketing professionals, and creative minds within marketing agencies. Individuals seeking to elevate their marketing prowess and stay informed about cutting-edge trends and methodologies in experiential marketing and brand gamification.

Dr. Saima Hussain
Associate Professor and Head of Department – Marketing
PhD Marketing, SZABIST, Karachi – MS Marketing, SZABIST, Karachi
MBA Marketing, IoBM, Karachi – BS Computer Science, FAST-NU, Karachi

Rs. 65,000 (Excluding taxes)

Date Time Venue
KSBL Campus