DigitalData-Savvy Decision Making

“We are surrounded by Data, but starved for insights” – Jay Baer

With the explosive growth of data, industry requires managers to have a skill set to draw meaning from that data for its effective application. Data is only truly harnessed for organizational growth when analytics are applied, insights are drawn, and decisions are made. Navigating complex enterprise systems and mining for desired data can be overwhelming. Hence, all managers in critical roles need to have a basic proficiency in spreadsheet analysis and decision modeling.


Coverage Areas

  • Data visualization
  • Disciplined exploratory data analytics approach
  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive analytics
  • Introduction to forecast modelling and quick forecasting

This 2-day program takes a skills-based approach to enable managers to apply techniques in data analytics for generating insights for businesses. The program builds up the modern professionals’ analytical toolkit in advance excel and also introduces them to dash-boarding in Power BI.

Alongside the case-method pedagogy grounded in the local environment, the program also uses lab tutorials for hands-on learning from real-world case data.

  • Ability to choose the right analytics tool for each type of decision
  • Better data driven tactical and strategic decision-making
  • Greater transparency and shared decision-making models
  • Up-skilled visualization for presentations and better data storytelling

Mid-career and new business professionals in decision-making roles with basic knowledge of excel.

Dr. Shazib Shaikh
Associate Professor Business Analytics and Decision Sciences, KSBL
PhD Informatics, University of Manchester, UK
MSc Computation, UMIST, UK
BSc Accounting & Financial Analysis, University of Warwick, UK

Rs. 60,000 (Excluding taxes)

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