Mastering Workplace Communication

Mastering workplace Communication Executive Education Certificate Course is a fresh variant of the typical communication courses in line with the market and corporate demands of current times. The program is designed to enhance the communication skills of working professionals by equipping them with actionable tools and skills that individuals can easily convert into enhancing their job roles. The course is designed keeping in view various challenges professionals face in multi-level communications and incorporates market-relevant pedagogies to make the course more related and application friendly

  • Adopt the appropriate body language for each type of communication
  • Compose thoughts and give structure to them before speaking
  • Speak your thoughts succinctly with grace and confidence
  • Ask the right questions to get the most out of conversations
  • Listen intently and pay attention to details
  • Communicate tactfully in difficult situations
  • Influence people and build long term alliances in the workplace

Storytelling, real-life based role plays, self-assessment, case studies, group activities and practical exercises to promote experiential learning.


Mid-level to Senior-level professionals, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs seeking to sharpen their communication prowess to excel in their roles and advance their careers. If your role involves communicating with different levels of professionals, internal stakeholders and external clients this course is for you.

Tayyaba Hussain
MS in English Literature & Applied Linguistics.
Communication Consultant & Trainer

Dr. Syed Mujtaba
PhD English Language Studies
CELTA- Cambridge University

Rs. 45,000 (Excluding taxes)

Date Time Venue
KSBL Campus