Supply Chain Optimization for Business

This program explores how companies can use the principles of Blue Ocean Strategy – which involves creating uncontested market space by identifying and capturing new demand – to improve their supply chain operations. The focus would be on finding innovative ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and differentiate the company from competitors by implementing unique supply chain strategies. The discussion would also touch upon identifying new markets and untapped customer segments, and developing a supply chain strategy that aligns with these opportunities.

  • Applying Blue Ocean Strategy to supply chain management.
  • Identifying untapped markets and aligning strategies.
  • Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement using automation, analytics, and lean practices.
  • Utilizing supply chain for unique customer value and competitive edge.
  • Overcoming challenges, adapting best practices, and analyzing successful implementations and key factors.
  • Developing supply chain Blue Ocean Strategy based on principles and tools
  • Pre-briefing warmup
  • Interactive exercises
  • Action planning
  • Business case studies
  • Role-playing
  • Simulation
  • Q&A

Supply Chain Managers, Business Executives and Leaders, Logistics and Transportation Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Start-up Founders

Yalman Ansari
Instructional Professor of Practice, KSBL

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed
Founder & CEO, SCMDOJO

Rs. 55,000 (Excluding taxes)

Date Time Venue
KSBL Campus