Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management is an iterative approach to planning and guiding project processes that break them down into smaller cycles called sprints, or iterations. In this course, participants will learn how to create a cohesive and collaborative work environment for the project team, and use the Agile principles and practices for effective management of projects.

  • Explain the Agile project management principles, values, approach and philosophy
  • Explain Scrum pillars and values.
  • Identify essential roles in a Scrum team and how to make Scrum team effective.
  • Build, manage, and refine a Product Backlog.
  • Implement Agile‚Äôs value-driven delivery strategies and define a value roadmap.
  • Case Study
  • Lectures
  • Videos
  • Practical Exercises

Project managers and team members who want to learn how to use Agile methodology for more effective management of projects in uncertain environments.

Engr. Dr. Amir Manzoor
Engr. Dr. Amir Manzoor holds a Ph.D. in Management Sciences from Bahria University, an MBA from LUMS, and a B.E from NED University of Engineering and Technology. His professional experience entails a rich blend of both academic and corporate exposure exceeding 20 years with both national and international Organizations. His 20 published books have been adopted in the curriculum of reputed universities/regulatory bodies in 11 countries. He is the author of Project Management by Amir Manzoor (PMBYAM) a unique series of books focused on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) of Project Management Institute, USA to provide comprehensive coverage of all aspects of project management

Rs. 60,000 (Excluding taxes)

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KSBL Campus