Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the psychologist provide counselling services only to those individuals who are struggling academically?
    Answer: No. Counselling services is not limited to career or academics. As a matter of fact, counselling can be beneficial for those individuals as well who have adjustment issues, difficulty in forming and maintaining interpersonal relationships, time and stress management, difficulty at the workplace and the list goes on.
  2. Is there a specific number of sessions that one can have?
    Answer: Counselling sessions are quite structured, and the idea is to cover the maximum number of goals as possible. However, there is no specific number of sessions. Your psychologist will guide you through the process at each step in the best way possible.
  3. Is counselling an alternate term for psychotherapy?
    Answer: Albeit, the process is same in both, nevertheless counselling primarily targets specific symptoms or those issues that will not be requiring long term treatment. Psychotherapy is more intensive and focuses on deep seated clinical issues. The purpose of psychotherapy is to help the client in gaining a better understanding of their problems which they find difficult to resolve. Those individuals who have been combating with serious clinical issues from quite some time, we advise them to take assistance from psychiatrist as counselling itself will not be enough for such cases.
  4. Can a psychologist prescribe medication if the need arises?
    Answer: Psychologist/counsellor do not have the right to prescribe any medication whatsoever, how if they notice that the client is not responding well to counselling session, in that case they would be advised to visit psychiatrist who after examining will guide the client whether they need medication or not and for how long do they need it.
  5. Are sessions confidential?
    Answer: Yes. All information is strictly confidential and is not being disclosed without the client’s consent. However, in case of emergency where the client’s life can be in danger, psychologist can reach out to people in client’s emergency contact list.
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