KSBL Commencement Ceremony for MBA, Executive MBA, and MS Business Analytics:

KSBL recently held its 6th Commencement Ceremony for MBA, Executive MBA, and MS Business Analytics graduates from 2020, 2021, and 2022. Mr. Hussain Dawood (Founder & Chairman, KSBL); Mr. Mubashar Hameed (Rector & CEO, KSBL) members of the Board of Governors of KSBL, members of the Board of Directors of KEI, graduates and their parents, members of the faculty and staff celebrated the illustrious occasion. Embodying KSBL values, our guest of honor and Keynote Speaker Dr. Abdul Bari Khan (Founder and CEO of Indus Hospital & Health Network) shared his lifelong journey of philanthropy and humanitarianism in a heartfelt speech. He urged the graduates to think and dream big, be grateful for the people who enable them to achieve quality world-class education and be persistent with their efforts. Mr. Hameed congratulated all the graduates and shared his thoughts on the importance of resilience and excellence. He went on to share the lifelong impact of being grounded and humble in their future endeavors. He shared how KSBL continues to take strides in consulting and research aiming to be the hub of business and intellectual discourse and cross-pollination of ideas between academia and practitioners. In his closing address, Mr. Hussain Dawood, the visionary behind KSBL, congratulated the graduates and their families and encouraged the graduates to have a positive mindset in which mistakes are celebrated. He stated, “Make mistakes realizing that each mistake leads to your development and contributes to your leadership.” The efforts of our distinguished students were recognized and they were awarded medals for their exceptional performance in MBA, Executive MBA, and MS Business Analytics programs. Throughout their study, they exhibited excellence and holistic growth that exemplifies KSBL’s mission. We congratulate all our graduates and wish them a successful personal and professional journey ahead as they fly into the world with their unique stories and experiences.