Naima Fatima Shariff

General Psychology

Naima Fatima Shariff

Ms. Naima Fatima Shariff┬áis a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at KSBL. She is presently serving as the CEO and Co-founder of Kumak – The Journey to Wellness, an organization that works for spreading mental health awareness.

In her academia experience, she has served as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Professional Psychology, Bahria University and was also Clinical In-Charge of the Psychological Services Centre, Umeed-e-Nau at Bahria University. She is the Treasurer of the Pakistan Society for Excellence in Psychology and a member of Pakistan Association of Clinical Psychologists.

She is associated with various mental health causes, including spreading mental health awareness, providing counselling and therapy services to the underprivileged, working for the well-being of physically and mentally challenged individuals and orphans.

She is also a national level trainer and conducts regular trainings for Multinational Companies, Non-Governmental Organizations, teachers and students and members of the armed forces. She provides her services as a Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, clinical and research Supervisor, Psychodrama Practitioner, Teacher, motivational speaker and a national level trainer.