Dr. Nida Khan


Dr. Nida Khan

Dr. Nida Khan teaches at KSBL. She is is the CEO of Nash fintechX, a Luxembourgish startup, providing software solutions and consulting services, specializing in blockchain and AI.

She was ranked as the 12th most influential woman in Islamic business and finance in 2019 and 2020 and is currently working on projects that revolve around impact investing, NFTs for real estate and preventing greenwashing.

She has worked on projects in social finance and decentralized finance, including tokenization and is a pioneer in giving the economic impact of blockchain-based micropayments, developing a novel consensus mechanism for scalable blockchains, proposing a mathematical framework for blockchain governance, and ensuring GDPR-compliant privacy preservation in blockchains.

She also worked as the CTO in a Singapore-based e-commerce platform, where she developed their tech stack, gave a concrete architecture to their business model and proposed a novel mechanism using blockchain-based tokens to record the impact of their initiative. Her work appears in diverse publications and she speaks regularly on emerging technologies.

She holds a doctorate in computer science, where her industrial research on blockchain-based financial applications was accorded the prestigious FNR (Luxembourg National Research Fund) grant for innovative, industrial projects.